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UTME past questions and answers

UTME Past questions and answers for Nigerian universities. 100 frequently asked questions for each subject. Before you begin any of these tests, take a sheet of paper and pen to write down your answers. Compare your answers with the Answers given a the end of the tests. If you didn’t score 100%, do it again until you master them. UTME Past questions and answers for Nigerian universities is conducted once a year in Nigeria.


How to pass your UTME exams: Most students only start reading and preparing for exams when its a few weeks to their papers. This is not how exams are passed. To pass your exams in flying colours, you should start reading at least six months to your exams. If you read at least 3 hours a day, that is, one hour in the morning, one hour in the afternoon and one hour in the evening, you will cover a lot of grounds before you know it.

Advantage of reading UTME past questions and answers on ofpass.com: The great advantage offered by ofpass.com is that you can read anywhere you are at any time you want. You no longer have to carry books around with you, all the UTME past questions and answers are now on your phone or tablet for you to read. So you can read in the toilet when you are pooing, read in the bus on the way to school, read at your friends house or even when you are under a tree having a picnic.

Take one chapter at a time: When you are reading past questions and answers, it is important that you plan how you study. Treat each year’s UTME past question and answer as a chapter, master it before you go to the next. By doing this you will learn faster and score higher in your exams.


For Students preparing for admission into Obafemi Awolowo University. Can also be used by students preparing generally for UTME in any Nigerian University

Exams by Year

Obafemi Awolowo University

  • OAU UTME Maths Past Questions 60 min
  • OAU UTME past questions 360 min
  • University of Ibadan

  • UI UTME English past questions 60 min